Memorials and Funerals


“It is said that when someone dies, God sends down two angels: one to carry the soul up to heaven. The other angel remains with the mourners.”

Memorials, funerals and eulogies are very personal. They are created and delivered as a tribute to the deceased with the utmost respect, dignity and love.

A loved one’s passing is one of the most painful and difficult times that a person can encounter. With deep compassion, support and empathy, my role is to create a service that honors and yes, celebrates the life of your loved one – while providing comfort, closure and a sense of peace to those who are left to grieve. Such a service appropriately delivered with sensitivity can be both a transformational and healing process. I listen deeply and respond lovingly to the needs of family and friends.

This is a time to be gentle, an occasion to invite friends and family to express their grief and reflect upon their relationship to the deceased; it is a time for sharing memories and recognizing all that your loved one has meant to you.



Funeral and memorial services may be conducted any place that you choose: in a house of worship, a funeral home, the beach, mountain trail or other sacred sites. There are no rules that say you must follow a particular format. 

The program you choose may feature prayers, inspirational readings, and rituals such as candle lighting, personal reflections, and music. Together we will create a service honoring your loved ones’ wishes. You may select elements that are a reflection of your spiritual or religious beliefs. You may, of course, choose not to include any religion or spirituality at all. Your personal alternatives and solutions are always welcomed.



A white dove release offers a soothing touch in a time of grief and sadness.  Experiencing the flight of a flock of white doves winding their way towards the heavens provides a breathtaking sight that is welcomed balm for the soul and a sweet consolation for the heart.

 “My prayer is that your grief might move through you gently.”


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