I was delighted to finally meet Clair & Jeremiah and to officiate their marriage ceremony Saturday at Celine & Company, Asheville.   Thank you, Mark Arrington of Bobby Marks Designs for having everything set up so beautifully.   One very special and touching element was to honor Clair’s mother who recently passed by displaying her wedding gown and portrait. 

asheville wedding

After working in the community as an interfaith minister for 28 years, it’s an honor to also be able to work with the community for a great cause. making sleeping mats for the homeless. I always have a wonderful time working with fellow volunteers to collect, create and distribute ecologically smart sleeping mats made from recycled plastic shopping bags. Today we were visited by John Le, WLOS reporter and his team, helping ...

Congratulations to Ashtyn & Shawn.  I was honored to officiate their marriage ceremony Saturday at The Grand Bohemian Hotel in Asheville. Thank you, Mary Bell Events for making sure every detail went smoothly.

I was honored to officiate Naomi & Jessica’s marriage ceremony Sunday at The Smoky Park Supper Club in Asheville.  A wonderful time was had by all, but their baby daughter Iris seemed to be having the very best time of all; what a happy baby she is.